At RMIM, we offer a complete, low-cost, pregnancy care plan for self-pay patients. This plan includes office exams, laboratory work, and ultrasounds. Below is a breakdown of our costs and services:

  • Down Payment (due at first visit): $1000
  • Remaining Amount (due over course of care): $2500
  • Total Plan Cost: $3500

Payment Plan: We offer a payment plan only for the remaining cost of $2500, which must be paid in full within a maximum of 36 weeks beginning from the date of estimated conception.

  • Up to 10 Prenatal Office Exams
  • Up to 2 Ultrasound Exams
  • The following Laboratory Work:
    • AFP Tetra – 16 to 19 weeks (017319)
    • CBC, ABO, Rh, HepB asg, Rubella Ab, RPR (202945)
    • Chlamydia/GC Amplification (183194)
    • Gestational Diabetes 1-HR Screen 28 weeks (102277)
    • HIV Panel (083824)
    • Pap IG (Image Guided) (193000)
    • Strep Gp B Cult/DNA Probe 36 weeks (188128)
    • Urine Culture, Routine (008847)
  • Cystic Fibrosis Profile (480533) = $210

This care plan includes all the common labs, exams, and visits needed for a normal pregnancy. However, sometimes complications may arise. In such cases, any tests needed beyond the list above will be subject to additional fees.

If you have any initial concerns about your pregnancy, it would be best to inform your doctor immediately. This will ensure that we can get you the best pricing possible on any additional laboratory work, or any other services that may be required.